About Us

Who We Are?

In 2002, we started Memory Blankets. At that time, we only provided logo and mascot blankets for businesses and schools. Our small business with under a handful of workers, had allot of heart and determination. Brandi rendered more than her share of time working for Memory Blankets. She was always willing to work on her off days. Her contribution and commitment spoke volumes towards the success of her future endeavors.

Brandi, a vibrant young woman lost her life in a tragic car accident in 2005. With our lives torn apart feeling this great loss, we closed the doors of Memory Blankets. After coping the best we knew how, we could only remember how Brandi touched our lives with her warm smile and caring touch. Since we knew we could never hold her again, we found a way to WRAP UP WITH HER. Under a new name, FOREVER MEMORY BLANKETS and an inspired hope, we created one of our first PHOTO Masterpieces. Brandi was and is a constant inspiration to FMB. It does our hearts well to create photo products that bring joy to our customers in her memory.

Elation is truly felt with every order! Since, BRANDI was Forever Memory Blankets Owner, Myra Morris’ oldest and only DAUGHTER, this is her life long journey of spreading joy.